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If your one of those who are suffer from backache than this question always comes in your mind .How to improve your back pain?

Every 1 out of 15 person suffered from back pain in india and it is a kind of disease that make your body so sick and if you have a severe back pain that sometimes you can’t even stand or walk.Although it can be feel  anywhere near your spinal bone but most people affected by lower back pain.
It is not that back pain is cause by serious illness or injuries.The main cause of backpain are sitting in a bad posture,standing for long time,lifting heavy weights and immobility. And if you take care of your sitting and bending posture then it can be healed within 12 to 15 weeks.
According to researchers,first and for most you should have positive state of mind,though it is tough to stay cheerful in pain but statics says that peoples who remain positive in pain, get recover faster than those who are in depression. if we do so some low impact exercise like yoga and walking then we can get rid of back pain and these low impact exercise are as useful as high impact exercises.Avoid high impact exercise in severe back pain or in case you are –
2. have injurd your bones and joints
3.beginner in exercise

The good thing of doing low impact exercise is these doesn’t put stress on your back or joints.

Some simple exercise that heal your back are mentioned below.

1.Go for walk : walking is by far the most very effective exercise for healing you back.Start with a stroll then gradually increase your pace according to your strength.It will increase your intensity of your workout.

2. Cycling  : Riding a cycle is another exercise that helps to improve your backache. But be cautious while doing it as it can harm your back if its saddle and handlebars are at the wrong height.Initiate with the slow speed and then gradually increase your speed.

3.Swimming : Swimming is the exercise that works for your wholebody.It is not only good for backache but also for those who are over weight can reduce their weight, if you do it with same pace throughout the session.

3.Yoga Exercise : yoga is another option for you to get rid of backache.It will not only heals you physically but also increase your mental strength.

4.Aqua aerobics exercise : Water aerobic are the simple and effective exercise that help to relax the back muscles and strengthen it.For doing water aerobics,you should know swimming as all the exercise is done in the waist high or deeper water.It has many good techniques that help to heal you back like running forwards and backwards,walking and many other low impact exercise you can choose.

5.Pilates exercise : Pilates are slow and simple exercise that help to improve your body posture and balance.It will strengthen your body muscles and it can be very help those who can’t jump too much.

6. Bowls : If you are not familiar with bowls and it is new for you then no need to worry as it is so simple and can me done by any age group people. Bowls is very good for your body balance,flexibility and right posture.If you want to stay healthy and active then you must opt bowl s as a regular exercise.

7.Tai chi Exercise : Tai chi is an well known ancient art form exercise of china that increase your positivity towards life and wellbeing.It is so good for old age peoples as it’s movements are slow and controlled.

8. Sitting posture :  Most common reason of back pain is your sitting ,bending and lying posture.Lifting heavy weights can also harmful and weaken your back. 

9.Lifestyle : your lifestyle can also cause back pain like improper sleep.A humen being require at least 6 hours sleep in night.A proper sleep help a lot to remove body stress and rejuvenate and refresh your body. Usually we see girls wearing high heel shoes in the parties and other occasions, and later on falls in the back and other body pain.Heels  put lot of stress on your knees and spinal bones and  later come out as a body pain.

These are the few exercise and cautions that If we implement in our daily life then we never face any kind of stress and body pain.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

yoga exercise for weight loss,weight loss exercises,body tips fitness

Is yoga really a good option for loosing weight? Well I think yes, it is very tough to loosing weight but if we have the right attitude than we can loose weight easily with the help of yoga.From yoga not only you can burn your fat but also remove your mental stress and increase the positiveness.These are light exercise that can be done at home but in different circumstances like if you have back or knee pain than you have to avoid some aasanas or you can hire a yoga trainer who will guide you in throughout training session.

Veerbhadrasana : This aasana will strengthen you tummy,thighs and buttock and help you to stay more focus.This is one of best aasana that burn fat from your stomach area.

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The time has gone when makeup require for womens only.Now a day,mens also require simple make up in this polluted environment.For mens it is essential  to have simple and light makeover.Doesn’t matter your are collage going guy or businessman, simple make over always require for your.

Here are the few simple makeover tips that enhance your skin complexion and overall personality.

1.Proper use: The major and key thing while applying the make up is maintain the balance between where you are applying make up and how much you are applying.

2. Face cleaning : Use exfoliant while washing your face and rub with it gently.Always use warm water instead of cold water which helps to remove dead skin cells.

3.Use moisturize: Befor to step outside make sure you have applied moisturizer with sunscreen which protech your screen from pollution, sun and keep your skin moisture.

4.Concealer : Befor to buy any concealer test it carefully in your inner wrist and check whether it cover them naturally. For using concealers always use small strokes after using it only rub it  when it get dried halfway.

5.Use Powder : Apply powder  to that area of your face that becomes oil after few while.For applying powder use powder puff or slightly bigger brushes.

If we use these above mentioned simple makeover tips than we can easily improve our personality and become more confident in your office envirnment.

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