Tuesday, 9 July 2013

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The time has gone when makeup require for womens only.Now a day,mens also require simple make up in this polluted environment.For mens it is essential  to have simple and light makeover.Doesn’t matter your are collage going guy or businessman, simple make over always require for your.

Here are the few simple makeover tips that enhance your skin complexion and overall personality.

1.Proper use: The major and key thing while applying the make up is maintain the balance between where you are applying make up and how much you are applying.

2. Face cleaning : Use exfoliant while washing your face and rub with it gently.Always use warm water instead of cold water which helps to remove dead skin cells.

3.Use moisturize: Befor to step outside make sure you have applied moisturizer with sunscreen which protech your screen from pollution, sun and keep your skin moisture.

4.Concealer : Befor to buy any concealer test it carefully in your inner wrist and check whether it cover them naturally. For using concealers always use small strokes after using it only rub it  when it get dried halfway.

5.Use Powder : Apply powder  to that area of your face that becomes oil after few while.For applying powder use powder puff or slightly bigger brushes.

If we use these above mentioned simple makeover tips than we can easily improve our personality and become more confident in your office envirnment.

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